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Drive more clearly with our HD lenses

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For many people, driving is a vital part of their daily routine, however, obscured, or blurred vision can cause feelings of being unsafe, tense and stressed when they get behind the wheel, particularly in low light conditions, bright sunlight or bad weather.

Clear vision while driving is one of the most important aspects of our safety.

When visibility is poor, our eyes are more likely to become tired and we react slower to visual stimuli.

As we approach winter and the evenings get darker, your eyes may need a bit of extra support and additional protection when taking to the road.

What makes my eyes tired while driving?

Studies have shown that many drivers have poor vision. It is one of the main causes of road accidents and a risk every driver can reduce easily. As a result, regular eye examinations by an optician and, if necessary, customised visual aids are essential for every driver.

Sight is the main sense we rely on for driving, but several problems can arise while driving at night. We don't always realise it, but our eyes work overtime while driving.

This can include the reflection of streetlamps on wet roads, poor visibility, hazardous glare from the headlights of oncoming traffic and poor lighting.

Glare and temporary blindness

All of these factors can cause our pupil size to rapidly constrict to adapt to the light source, which is what produces the temporary blindness associated with glare.

Driving lenses can help take the pressure off drivers and help them to see better after dark or in poor weather by reducing reflections and enabling fast and frequent switching between different distances – ensuring greater safety and comfort while driving.

Spectacle wearers can look forward to a clearer road ahead with Duncan and Todd Group’s new lenses range, made using the very latest digital technology to give more comfort for motorists.

What are driving lenses?

Spectacle lenses for driving are far more than a fashion accessory. Wearing them can help us see better, increase road safety, reduce glare, and relax our eyes, amongst other things.

These innovative lenses have been designed and developed for optimal vision when driving, helping those behind the wheel to see clearly and react to traffic signals, pedestrians and other drivers and oncoming cars and vehicles.

As Scotland gears up for the darker winter months and poor light, the lenses will improve both vision and comfort for glasses wearers while driving.

The new lenses, developed at the leading Scottish optician group’s laboratory, Caledonian Optical, use cutting-edge digital technology to map thousands of individual pinpoints around the lens, so the wearer benefits from an accurate prescription from all angles.

It is important to have regular eye examinations to fully check your ocular health and determine if you require corrective lenses.

Which are the best lenses for driving?

Recognising the importance of bespoke prescriptions to protect the eyes as well as maximise clarity, the Digital Ray Path 2.0, acts as an ultra-HD lens, sharpening focus, eliminating blurring at the edges and reducing the ‘swim effect’, while adopting a thinner and lighter design for a high-quality and stylish finish.

Available in both varifocal and single vision lenses, this smart eyewear is backed by Duncan and Todd’s specialist features which offer not only a wider distance vision of almost 180 degrees but also a profile which helps to reduce the problems associated with driving at night.

So which lenses should you be wearing? We currently have two main kinds of driving lenses, both of which have been specifically designed to feature:

  • Personalisation
  • HD digital technology
  • Consistency of vision in all situations

The new lifestyle lenses, Zone Drive 2.0 and High-Definition Single Vision Drive 2.0, incorporate a power distribution specifically adapted for driving and its special “night vision zone”, helping keep your vision sharp while driving in poor light.

Superior focus

This helps to reduce eye fatigue and improve the visual fields with better sight of the dashboard and outside the car, providing a superior focus when driving. Additional technology preserves binocular vision in all gaze directions, ensuring an easy transition between near and far objects.

Read on to find out some facts about our glasses for driving so you can decide if they are the right solution for you and meet your visual needs.

You can find out more about our full range of lenses and their benefits here and for more information about our wide range of varifocals, click here.

HDSV Drive 2.0

Personalised free-form single vision lenses that, thanks to its night vision zone, allows a comfortable and safe drive.

High Definition Single Vision Drive 2.0 is the best personalised free-form single vision lens for drivers who demand wonderful visual quality for driving in daylight or at night.

The HDSV 2.0 drive lenses include a night vision zone that compensates for the difference in your vision that occurs between day and night, translating all this into an impeccable visual acuity and less eyestrain.

Who will benefit from HDSV Drive 2.0 lenses?

  • Single vision motorists who are looking for the latest in lens technology
  • Wearers looking for more comfort, visual quality and safety while driving
  • Those who feel they see worse at night than during the day
  • Wearers who feel sensitive to glare
  • Benefits
  • Ultra HD vision
  • Improves the visual experience of the wearer when driving in daytime and nighttime conditions
  • Unique “night vision zone” helps nighttime driving and to provide better focus
  • Optimised vision for a better view of the dashboard, mirrors and rear view
  • Reduces visual fatigue symptoms when driving after dark
  • Greater visual acuity for easy focus and more agile eye movement

Zone Drive 2.0

Zone Drive 2.0 lens have been specifically designed to be the perfect driving lens for all lighting conditions, reducing the effects of night myopia. This is because its power distribution is specifically adapted for this purpose. The night vision zone of this personalisation free-form progressive lens compensates for the difference in your vision that occurs between day and night, providing greater visual acuity and reducing eyestrain.

Who will benefit from Zone Drive 2.0 lenses?

  • Motorists who are looking for the most innovative lenses
  • Wearers looking for high comfort, visual quality and safety while driving
  • Those who feel they see worse at night than during the day
  • Wearers with all types of prescription


  • Improves the visual experience of the wearer when driving in daytime and night-time conditions, compared to other lenses
  • Unique “night vision zone” helps night time driving and to provide better focusOptimised vision for a better view of the dashboard and mirrors
  • Reduces visual fatigue symptoms when driving in the dark instead of normal light
  • Great visual acuity for easy focus and more agile eye movement

Style, affordability and professional service

Duncan and Todd Opticians provides a range of fantastic, personalised lenses for all needs and budgets, with a wide selection of frames. The lenses have been developed in Duncan and Todd’s own state-of-the-art laboratory by Caledonian Optical.

As a leading professional eyecare specialist for 50 years, Duncan and Todd is committed to offering a blend of inspirational style, great frame choices, affordability and professional service, to the community, with practices across Scotland offering household eyecare brands including 20 20 Opticians, JM MacDonald, Douglas Dickie Opticians and Browns Opticians.

All Duncan and Todd optometrists are registered with the General Optical Council, ensuring that patients are provided with the highest quality eyecare via fully qualified practitioners.