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Find your style for the summer

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Find your style for the summer

Here comes the sun!

The sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds and it’s clear that summer is quickly approaching - which means it’s sunglasses season!

Your eyewear is not only to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but sunglasses also express your own unique personality and keep you looking fashionable all year round. Your choice in glasses is just as important as choosing that new haircut or which clothes you put on and it’s important to invest in high quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Regardless of your personal style, there are plenty of eyewear trends coming up in 2023 for you to try!

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To help you pick your perfect pair, here are some of the latest trends that people will be reaching for:

Bright and bold

Dopamine brights are dominating the runway, people are loving colour and lots of it! 2023 has seen a real emphasis to go brighter and bolder in both colour and frame shape.

Swapping your regular black, tortoiseshell or wire frames for an eye-catching pair is a super quick and easy way to update your look. If you’re not sure if you can pull off bright colours, try easing yourself in with a jewel-inspired hue such as sapphire blue or emerald green frame. These colours work well on everyone, making them a go-to choice for anyone who is keen to experiment with colour.

For those who want to dip their toes into colour but are put off with neon brights, experiment with softer, pastel frames.

People seem to have become more adventurous and while black and brown shades will always remain classics, it’s fun to see people experimenting with colour. Bright frames have been seen on numerous celebrities including actors Keke Palmer and Sebastian Stan and Bake Off darling, Prue Leith.

IMAN Frame

Clear frames

In a contrast to the bright colour trend, this is a no colour trend!

Our Scandinavian counterparts have been wearing clear glasses for years, but they have now arrived in the UK. They might not hit the colour brief but these daring clear frames give a nod to current fashion trends, with the added benefit of pairing well with everything.

It’s no coincidence that the clear frame trend took hold right around the time make-up went maximalist. It’s all the better to see the rest of your look!

CP123 Frame

Experiment with shape

In 2023, why not take the opportunity to play with textures, shapes, and colours?

Square glasses have been hitting lists of 2023 eyeglasses trends. The basic yet bold and striking designs of these frames look great with almost any outfit. Perfectly balancing style and usability, these frames are the perfect eye-catching accessory.

Circular frames have come a long way since John Lennon’s infamous pair. Now they are considered a great way to contrast your face shape, call attention to your brows, or show off a stunning make-up look.

An oversized round frame is perfect for you if you want to be bold. Smaller frames are a bit more elegant, but you can always try a bright colour to be sure your frames are remembered.

Geometric frames are a style statement and there are no limits to how outrageous you can go!

Known for their hexagonal or octagonal shapes these aren’t predicted to be going out of style any time soon.

They are available in a wide variety of different styles including thick or thin rims and multiple shapes, sizes and colours and have a futuristic flare. The versatility of the geometric frame likely plays a part in its popularity as those who wear glasses will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to pairing their eyewear with their own personal style.

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Retro vibes

Retro throwback pieces have been popular for a few years now. It's no surprise that this trend is expected to continue into 2023. An era that has been making a massive comeback is the 1970’s.

Fashion from this era was famous for its bright, bold patterns, and unisex clothing. Think dramatically flared bottoms, psychedelic prints, and chunky takes on more time-transcending patterns such as checkers, argyle, and stripes.

These daring trends were echoed in frames with big, bold and completely over the top glasses being the accessory of choice. The forever iconic and spectacular Elton John brought large, geometric and bedazzled frames into the public eye, with a huge list of other famous faces keeping frames in the forefront of fashion for years to come.

Another fun shape making a comeback is the Aviator and double-bridge style sunglasses first launched in the 70s, then famously continued into the 1980’s with 1986’s “Top Gun” seeing sales of the glasses going up by 40% after being seen on leading man Tom Cruise.

The recent media coverage surrounding Daisy Jones and the Six has no doubt played a role in launching these styles back into the public consciousness.



Whether you’re all about rhinestones or experimenting with more geometric motifs, you can take the look further by way of embellishments like straps and charms.

Famously seen on supermodel and style icon Bella Hadid, sunglasses chains are shaping up to be a huge trend in 2023.

These trendy chains are designed to keep your eyewear attached to you with little loops that thread onto the arms of your shades so you can wear your glasses around your neck.

Not only will this accessory protect your sunglasses from falling off when not being worn, the right chain can also double up as a necklace and fits right in with some of the season's hottest jewellery trends. It also means that you don’t have to put your glasses on the top of the head, which can stretch the glasses out.

Sustainable sunnies

The trend of sustainability has been gaining momentum in recent years and it is expected to have an even bigger impact on fashion trends in 2023. This increased focus on sustainability has become more and more popular, as people look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Look out for frames made from natural materials like wood or cork, or even recycled plastic.

Get ready for summer

Whether you’re looking for the latest pair of frames that have taken inspiration from the 70s, or if you fancy trying a modern style, our Spectrum range has a huge selection of fabulous frames for all needs and budgets – designed for every lifestyle. All their lenses have been developed in our own state-of-the-art laboratory by its manufacturing arm, Caledonian Optical.

We stock numerous desirable luxury brands from Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Caroline Herrera and Mulberry, with something for everyone. And for those who want a more cost-effective alternative, Spectrum, range of sunglasses, has styles to suit all budgets and face shapes.

Some of our favourites from the Spectrum range include:

  • Our Kennedy frame comes in two colourways, dark purple and red, and the Sabine frame is a stunning bold purple, both feature the fashionable feline frame.
  • Our Ursula frame is the ultimate statement frame – big and bold.
  • The North frame comes in dark brown, Wayfarer shape, providing the ultimate sophisticated look.
  • The Rock frame, gives a flash of colour with its bright legs.