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Optimise Your Life with our Upgraded Lens Portfolio

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Modern-day living places a lot of demands on our vision. From driving to screen use, our eyes need to be always performing their best.

The popularity, and use, of digital devices, has increased massively in recent years. Use of them both socially and professionally has meant extended use is now the norm across all age groups. Factor in Lockdowns and working from home, that’s a whole lot of screentime! A recent Ofcom study showed that screentime increased by 40% in the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic, with more of us opting to watch TV or online video services₁.

Fortunately, there are lens options to help keep our eyes comfortable during all this screentime.

Varifocal wearers sometimes find the intermediate, or computer, the area doesn’t provide as wide a field of view as they would like when using their computer for an extended period. Our Office 2.0 lens is a great solution.

The Office 2.0 lens is designed for presbyopes (people who require spectacles for close work) who spend time working at distances of arm’s length or closer. It provides a wide field of view for computers when looking straight ahead and the boost they need for close reading towards the bottom. These lenses do not correct any prescription which may be required for TV or driving, dedicating the whole lens to the near tasks at hand.

Anti-fatigue lenses are a fantastic option for patients aged between 18 and 45 who may not need any specific correction for close work but still need some help for concentrated near tasks. The Serene 2.0 lens corrects any distance prescription which may be present with the benefit of a “boost” in the lower part of the lens. This “boost” helps the eye muscles focus the image, reducing strain.

Some people can spend large parts of their day behind the wheel of their car. Driving lenses have been specially designed to help reduce visual fatigue.

Zone Drive 2.0 and HDSV Drive 2.0 are designed with a special “night vision zone” to help keep your vision sharp while driving in lower light levels. Zone Drive 2.0 provides a solution for varifocal wearers with a lens which gives a super-wide field of view for distance and a comfortable intermediate zone for seeing the dashboard. The HDSV Drive 2.0 ensures single vision wearers are not missing out and provides the same great technology.

While specialist options are always a consideration, being able to provide a high-quality, high-performing everyday solution is key. The Arc Steady 2.0 is the newest edition of our award-winning design and has everything you need in your everyday glasses. Arc Steady 2.0 provides extra-wide distance vision along with enhanced intermediate and near zones. Special technology ensures an easy transition between near and far objects without having to move your head as much.

If you have any concerns over about your vision or your eye health, contact your local practice.

  1. Coronavirus pandemic, with more of us opting to watch TV or online video services₁.

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