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Children's Eye Health

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Being able to see clearly is important for a child's overall development and helps them to discover and learn more. Regular eye exams from a young age play an important role in detecting any eye problems early. Eye examinations for children under 16 are funded by the NHS.

When you visit any of our branches, you can expect a personal service from our experienced team. All of our optometrists are trained to test children's and teenagers’ eyes and our eyewear experts will help them find glasses that fit perfectly, making the experience stress-free.

At your local branch, you’ll find the perfect glasses for your child. We even have lenses made from Trivex, a super-tough material perfect for kids’ glasses and the wear and tear they experience. We will match your child’s choice of lens to their health needs.

An eye exam with one of our GOC registered optometrists will provide you, as a parent, with reassurance that your child’s eyes are being looked after accordingly.

All of our staff are also highly qualified in fitting frames for children and can help find glasses that your child will be happy to wear.

Things to look out for in toddlers and young children

  • rubbing eyes
  • watery eyes
  • one eye turns in or out
  • avoiding reading or writing
  • clumsiness and poor hand-to-eye-co-ordination
  • sitting close to the TV
  • behaviour or concentration problems
  • blurred or double vision, or unexplained headaches
Website kids eye health

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