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Contact Lens Myths

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Contact lenses are uncomfortable

Once you're used to wearing contacts, most people don’t experience any discomfort at all. Modern materials are very soft and full of moisture to keep your eyes comfortable all day long. Your dedicated contact lens buddy will work with you to find the best contact lenses for you.

I will have to wear them all the time

Contact lenses do not have to be a permanent solution to your vision. With daily contact lenses, you can pick and choose when you wear them. Perfect for those occasions when you don’t want to wear your glasses.

Contacts are expensive

Prices are of course prescription dependent, but they can be very affordable. Standard monthly lenses with solution start from around 50p per use, or under £1 for daily disposables. Plus if you opt for one of our direct debit packages you get great value with some amazing extras.

They're hard to put in and take out

It can feel strange applying contact lenses at first, but with a little practice it quickly becomes second nature. At Duncan and Todd, our knowledgeable practitioners will demonstrate the process so that you feel confident applying them. Our contact lens experts are always on hand if you need assistance or have any questions.

Contact lenses are age restricted

There is no minimum or maximum age for wearing contact lenses. As you get older you may need different prescriptions, but contact lens technology has developed, now you can get bifocal contact lenses and varifocal contact lenses options. As long as you're capable of caring for your lenses, then you can wear contacts.

My prescription isn't suitable

Advances in lens technology means we can correct 99% of prescriptions – even for those with astigmatism. Patients that usually wear bifocals or varifocals can also wear contact lenses.

Contact lenses are difficult to look after

Monthly contact lenses can be cleaned with a one-bottle contact lens care system, making cleaning easy. Of course, you can also choose daily disposables and discard them after each use.

Contact lenses can pop out

Modern soft contact lenses fit close to your eye and will only move if you touch them - they won't fall out.

Contact lenses can get stuck behind my eyes

The white of your eye is covered by a thin membrane that connects to the inside of your eyelids, making it impossible for a lens to get lost behind your eye.