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Hearsmart Appointment

Hearsmart Appointment 5

Hearsmart Appointment

Introducing new Hearsmart Appointment, a comprehensive all-in-one ear wax removal and hearing health appointment.

A Hearsmart Appointment involves an advanced ear health check and ear wax removal (micro-suction) all-in-one. During your appointment, our Ear Care Professionals will access your ears and gently remove any wax with micro-suction.

Micro-suction is the gold standard of wax removal and is considered safer than other methods of removal. This process is shown in HD video allowing the patient to see inside their ear in real time.

Once the wax has been removed a hearing screen can be performed. This will identify whether you have a level of hearing loss. If you do have a hearing loss your Ear Care Professional may refer you to an Audiologist for further investigation. However, in many cases, the initial problem could be simply down to the presence of the wax.

Our Hearsmart Appointment costs £70 which includes wax removal from two ears, (£50 for one ear and a £25 consultation fee if no wax).

Patients must be 18 or over

Why hearing health matters?

Good hearing health is important to people of all ages and helps us to get the most out of life. When our ability to hear deteriorates it requires more energy for us to listen and participate in daily life. This can lead to becoming socially isolated as people find it harder to engage with loved ones.

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Hearsmart Appointment ear wax removal

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If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing loss, book an all-in-one Hearsmart Appointment today. Our experts are here to help.