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Polarised Lenses

Nupolar Polarised Castle

NuPolar® lenses help prescription lens users see much better than with any other lens. It is extremely efficient in blocking blinding glares while improving contrast, colour and depth perception and overall visual acuity. NuPolar® lenses define world standard in prescription sunwear. They feature the most advanced polarising filter in the widest selection of materials, colours and lens styles.

NuPolar® lenses act like a “visual filter” for the eyes making every situation where the sun is present look clearer and richer by blocking blinding glare. Camera enthusiasts have known for years that a polarized filter makes their pictures look better.

NuPolar® Mirror features a reflective mirror finish that allows wearers to up their style game with a choice of a Silver, Blue or Gold mirror look. In addition to a mirror finish, NuPolar® is also available in solid, gradient, and photochromic styles.

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